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jamie took a cute photo of me in a new dress i bought!!!

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I am dating a total BABE who makes silly faces when I try to photograph them

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FUN FACT: in the millions of years that dogs have existed they have never fucked up not even once

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Embroidered Gramophone

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morning thrift shopping- summer in red, i guess?

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Feeling like a true summer day! :)

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Handmade ombre crochet dress at Crux and Crow

Need 😍

Must have.


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list of small things I want to accomplish today:

  • clean my room
  • mail this package
  • get my shit from babe blvd
  • re-pot peppep
  • make a pile of things to sell online
  • eat 2 more meals (sweet potato in the oven as i type!)

list of things i want to do today but will not do if not up to it

  • paint the bucket for work
  • help my dad with ebay stuff
  • sort through my books
  • clean my car

I did a good amount of these today and I feel very good about it! Hopefully I’ll finish the rest tomorrow or Sunday after work~

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