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Hi! My name is Marie, and this GoFundMe is to help my friend Becca visit me (and possibly her future home) before I start college! 

First things first, I’d like to share a story with you about my best friend and I. 

I met Rebecca when we were in 6th grade. We have been best friends for years, sharing every detail of our lives. We have been through so much together, and I know for certain that I would not be the person I am today without her.

In freshman year of high school, we would write letters back and forth to eachother while we were in seperate classes, calling eachother “Beautiful (or Beau)” and “Lovely (or Lo)”, then when Rebecca changed schools (to a charter school that more aptly fit her needs), I followed to stay with her. She’s my Beau, my beautiful, my best friend. 

In March 2012, I moved to Baltimore with my family. 

We’ve kept in touch through texting, calling, skyping, facebook chat, a friendship blog ( and I’ve even visited a few times (finding ways to get to Wisconsin, hoping my family would want to visit so I could tag along) but money has always been the problem.

For the 4th of July, I got a ride up there, and saw her for the first time in 8 months. After being with her again, it was impossible to be away from her indefinitely again. 

Beau is considering moving to Baltimore when her apartment lease is up due to some not pleasant things in our hometown, but would have to visit first to make sure she likes the city, could get a job, and can get everything she needs for a healthy life here. I’m starting classes soon and will also be working near full time hours, so these last few weeks of summer is all we have left to have her come out and visit. 

Sadly, neither of us can afford to take off work for a week AND pay for her to come out here, so we’re asking for a little help. 

We’ll still take the loss for missing work, but we’re trying to offset the costs of her actually GETTING here, and BEING here, as minimally as possible.

Any and all help is appreciated. I know there are “more important” things that deserve donations (I’m moving into a new place soon, and I know that’ll take money I don’t have) but seeing my BEST FRIEND and helping her is my priority, and I appreciate anyone who understands how important it is, at least to us. 

If you’ve ever had a long-distance friendship, relationship, lived far from your family, you KNOW how awful it is to be away from them, especially when they’re going through serious shit. 

Please donate if you can, or signal boost if you can’t!

Every little bit of help is much appreciated.

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Tadaam! Got a tattoo from Cyril today!! So happy!! Merci beaucoup!

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she loves flowers

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hanging with some major BABES

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I’m fucking hot.

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produce kiddo by day, punk queen by night (or afternoon, whether I get off work)

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